some projects pass and current:

Invasive Species

The Invasive Species is a band that lived from 2015-2020.

The lineup was Justin Duerr- drums, Reid Books Hoffman- guitar, Brett Thomas, Sofi Courtney, Amelia Smith and Melissa Santangelo- bass at different times, Mandy Katz- vocals

the Invasive Species self released two full length albums available on the bandcamp app


Illustrated Lyrics


The Great Cackler:

The Great Cackler is a music project started with Justin Duerr in 2009. (originally under the name Geb the Great Cackler). It has taken many forms but often is an acoustic duo in which I play violin and sing and Justin plays guitar and sings.



Beware the Blunted Needle were a band from about 2000 until about 2007?

The band was Eleanor Buffam, Gina Favano, Abby Miller, Monica Pasquinelli, and Mandy Katz. There was a lot of instrument trading and collaborative songwriting.

Vulgar Remedies

The Vulgar Remedies were a band from around 2007 until 2009.

The band was Sarah Stippich – drums, Andy Switzer – cello, Brett Thomas- bass, Reid Books Hoffman- guitar and vocals, Mandy Katz- violin and vocals.

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