Mandy Katz

mandy katz

Working in multiple disciplines, through intuitive processes and multi-sensory observations of nature’s patterns, Mandy Katz creates worlds in the forms of gardens, songs, and visual art. These worlds are intended as stations within an often harsh world, spaces to cultivate a reverent, curious, grieving relationship with the divine spark of life.

Mandy Katz was born in 1976 in Washington DC and raised in Lower Merion, PA. She is a gardener, artist, and musician living and working in West Philadelphia since 1996. She gardens in vacant lots and community gardens and has been employed tending gardens at Bartram’s Garden in Southwest Philadelphia since 2005. She has been writing songs and playing music in bands since 1991 and has enjoyed painting, drawing, and costume-making since childhood.

Plants * devotion and meditation through labor * femme joy and power * the struggle for ecological, social, mental, and physical health and liberation * the sentience of nature* are all inspirations in her art.

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