Gardening is a large part of my work and takes most of my time these days. I have been working as a gardener in the botanical garden at since 2005 as well as participated and organized various community gardens and vacant lot gardens around West Philly since the mid 90’s. I have a special interest in cultivating rare plants from Eastern North America, and studying their habitats, communities, and practical and spiritual purposes. More recently, I have become increasingly interested in domesticated food crops, their histories and I am learning to maintain crop seed.

I have studied botanical medicine independently for decades. In 2016, I started sharing what I’ve learned about growing and using herbs in an 8 month intensive class I founded with clinical herbalist Kelly McCarthy called Building Your Home Apothecary. We’ve passed the class on to new teachers now but I’m still available to teach workshops on various topics related to growing and using herbs. —-photos by Owen Taylor photos by Kelly McCarthy

I am available to teach workshops on a range of subjects including ; container water gardening, container herb gardens, a crash course in observing relationships in the landscapes , edible weeds, inks and dyes in the landscape, tree medicine, starting seeds, saving seeds, gardening for pollinators, planting a moon garden, cultivating vibrant soils, and more.

Contact ranmapushkin at yahoo dot com for booking.

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